New Year, New Games, New Outlook

So, I guess I’ve decided to start up my own little personal gaming blog.  There’s many reasons for this, I suppose, but the biggest reason is that I had this domain hanging around and nothing at all to do with it, so I popped a WP blog up and thought, “What can I do with this”?

My main purposes for this blog are as follows :

  • Post adventures!
  • Post game reviews/thoughts/comments
  • Let my players keep up with the games I’m running.
  • Resources for games I’m running/playing
  • Disseminating interesting links and ideas.

So what does this all mean?  Well, it means that I’ll be doing quite a bit with this blog, if I keep up with it.  Mostly I want to use it as a way to keep track of the campaigns I’m running, posting updates as things happen and helping to keep track of what history they have.

I also want to use this space as a way to express my innermost feelings and thoughts concerning the current state of my board gaming.  I don’t get to do it often, but I think that I have valid thoughts on the games I do play, so I’ll shoot my mouth off over here, since Facebook doesn’t allow me to type nearly this much.

And lastly, I want this place to be a resource for people who are in the games I’m running, for looking at things like maps, character sheets, custom rules, etc.  I think that will be a nice little change from just throwing it all at them on a weekly basis.  Maybe I’ll do a running narrative of the campaigns in a psuedo-story format.  Or hell, for my online games, I may just publish the actual plays themselves, in audio format.

Either way, I’m trying to make this a nice little new-year’s resolution. Something to do, anyway.  For starters, though, I want to announce that my Star Wars (WEG D6) campaign is gearing up to start next week, and my Deadlands campaign is looking good for getting close to a good stopping point come this Wednesday.  Looking forward to all of that!

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