Enter The Cube

After over a year of planning, building and preparation, The Cube is finally complete!  Behold the three dimensional surface upon which RoboRally shall be played at this weekend’s coming Winter War.

It may not look exactly perfect, but I’m hoping that once things get going in the game, the small inconsistencies won’t matter, as people will be having far too much fun to actually, you know, care about such things.  The boards stay in place, and that’s all I care about.

The Cube

Beware your cubey doom!

Also, over the past few days I have garnered a new respect for anyone who has ever had to do audio editing.  After recording my Monday night gaming session, I’ve been stuck so far in editing hell.  Removing awkward pauses, “ah”s, “uh”s, coughs, sniffles, static, audio glitches, unneeded side conversation…. Yeah, this is a pain in my ass.  Don’t worry, though, it will be posted soon, hopefully before the next session, but we’ll see.

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