Two Weekends of Gaming

Howdy, folks!  I’ve been a little neglectful of updating this blog the last week or more, and with good reason.  Well, okay, you caught me. It isn’t exactly “good reason” but it is a better reason than I originally thought it would be.  Life has been a little hectic as of late, as I’ve been working and paying attention to a few other life issues, but I’m hanging in there!

Thankfully, though, being off for a week or nearly two has given me quite a bit to talk about.  I’ve had some new games come in, and I’ve had an opportunity to play some other games that I’ve either had on the ‘To Play’ list and a few more play-throughs of games that I’ve played already before.  Had a great couple of times and a great group of people for each session (each weekend).


Okay, so, maaaayyyybe my nostalgia got the better of me here with this game, which I picked up after my last post in order to relive those past glories.  Now, don’t get me wrong on that, the game is still super fun, but far longer to play than I remembered.  We started playing the game after a quick round of Yomi while waiting for other people to show up for the game, and then added in a fourth player when he finally showed up.  The game we were playing was just the base game, not any expansions, with all of the setup being done before we started.  From the time we started to the time we finished, the game ran for nearly 5 hours.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with how the game is played, the basic concept is that you are an adventurer and you are aiming to reach some goal. There are 4 levels of ‘encounters’ which net you experience and money upon their completion. The difficulty of the encounters tend to jump drastically between levels, so you want to be properly prepared before you move up to another level of encounter. I think one of the reasons that the game we played ran so long is because there was a table-wide reluctance to move up and fight the higher level encounters.  Sure the risk is higher, but so are the rewards, and moving up to the next ‘level’ makes the game go faster.

Next time I’ll try and press the others to move up that level as well.

Munchkin Cthulhu

Munchkin Cthulhu is a variation on the classic Munchkin card game from Steve Jackson Games, and should be readily recognizable to anyone who has ever played games. It is a simple little game of drawing cards, fighting monsters, and screwing over your friends. I don’t think it is the sort of game one plays with people who’s feelings are easily hurt since there can be some rather vicious moves made in the course of the game.

I played twice in the past couple of weeks, once with three players and again with 4 players. I think the four player game was more fun and more cut throat just because there was more chaos flying around.  The game is totally about winning and losing, and at the end of the second game it literally came down to either I was going to win or I was going to lose, and it took actually getting out a piece of paper and writing down all of my cards and numbers to visualize what it would take to win.  All in all, a super fun experience from start to finish.

More Betrayal at House On the Hill

Played this twice this past weekend with both times ending in favor of the survivors and the death of the traitors.  Now, I know that some people are into games for the win and one of the players in these two games was one of those.  I have to feel a little sorry for him, really, since in the first game he was the traitor and got himself soundly defeated and then in the second game he was a survivor, yet died because of an effect of the house, not due to any fault of his own or the traitor’s doing.

Still, though, the game is one of my favorites and only leaves me wanting to play Mansions of Madness even more than I already do.

Other Games!

So, that’s mostly what I’ve been playing, save for a couple of rounds of Dominion, over the past couple of weeks.  However, I’ve also been busy getting my hands on copies of a few other games that I’ve been wanting to play, and now have them in my possession.  Below is a list of new games that I’m hoping to get around to playing and talking about on here at some point or another…

And Now… Roleplaying!

When I bought all of these new games, I also picked up a nice little Savage Worlds Deadlands GM screen that came with a little adventure. I have to admit that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of pre-made modules and adventures, but when I started reading through this one I had to admit that it would fit extremely well into the current campaign I’m running on and off.  The only downside of this adventure may be that it is more role playing than combat oriented so once I get into this module, I’ll get to see how my players handle all of the NPCs and interactions.  Will they go in, guns blazing and eyes furious, or will they hold back and see how the interactions play out?  Time will tell!

P.S. It looks like I’m going to be doing something I said long ago I would not, and I will be attending GenCon this year.  Still have to iron out the details, but it looks to be a go. More to come on that.

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