In Person Deadlands

So in order to keep track of the current state of affairs with our in-person Deadlands group, I’ve decided to keep a running tally of what’s going on right here.

The Story So Far

Having lost their family home after the mysterious deaths of their parents, which the local rail baron had taken advantage of to swipe the deed out from under their noses, they decided to move back east for jobs.  During the trip, they got stranded in a small mining town in the middle of nowhere due to a mysterious sand storm.  The next morning, they awoke to find that all of their traveling companions had decided to ride out of town and into the sandstorm, disappearing.

But the strangeness didn’t stop there.  They found wolf tracks leading off of the road the wagons had traveled, leading towards a back-door to the local mine, which was built into the side of a mesa. Another strange storm later, and the group discovered that the mine was producing Ghost Rock (read up on Deadlands to understand that) under the command of an old indian shaman, and the very same Railroad company that took their home!  Determined to get to the bottom of the strangeness, the brothers set out towards the mine, winning out in a showdown with a corrupt deputy along the way, as well as surviving a midnight ambush by strange men with animal eyes.

In the mine, things became even stranger.  They found and rescued the other members of their traveling wagon train, all except the men, along with a large amount of strange machinery and electrical wiring and lamps.  It quickly became clear that this was no ordinary mine.  Further exploration uncovered more of the strange animal-like men, ripping and tearing at the interlopers with hands and teeth in a desperate attack.  They also found the menfolk of the traveling group, bite marks on their bodies and chained to the walls of the mines.  They had been driven almost feral, obviously the work of a Werewolf!

At the top of the mesa, the brothers fought and, with the helping hand of the lord almighty, destroyed the vile werewolf and his Native American Shaman handler. They also destroyed the weather control device that a strange scientist had been using to manipulate the weather, freeing the mining town from the grip of the strange sand storm.  Upon further investigation, the siblings uncovered evidence that not only had two separate rail companies conspired against their family to gain the lands, but may also have been responsible for the deaths of their parents as well.  Next Stop: Salt Lake City, and a showdown with the mad genius who had constructed the weather control device.

Known Individuals:

Professor Hotzenbratz: Status: [ALIVE]

So far, all that is known of the Professor is that he was present at the Ghost Rock mine in the town currently known as Wedge Mesa. It is believed that he was half of the mastermind behind the strange weather control device used to ensnare new ‘volunteers’ for the illegal mining and slavery operation working out of the town.  Whether he is connected to the Wastach Rail Road company or not, he was last seen high-tailin’ it towards the west.

Notable Entities

Dixie Rails

These are the low-down dirty varmints who killed your parents to get your land.  Why they wanted it, and why they seem to be keeping track of you, even going so far as to send word ahead to the mine at Wedge Mesa is worrying.  Looks like someone needs to do some investigating before this gets out of hand.

Wasatch Rails

There’s been rumors of the Wasatch and Dixie rails working in cahoots lately, with engines from both sides being seen on the same tracks.  So far, Wasatch hasn’t looked to be directly involved in the mining operation or the destruction of your home and family, but it’s clear that Hellstrome had been supplying Professor Hotzenbratz’s operation.

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