Monsters and Other Childish Things

Okay, so yesterday we had the start of our adventure in the little town of Marshall Grove, New England. Jeffery and Chris are both friends, although they haven’t always been the best of friends, they have found common cause to trust each other since they both have a monstrous buddy that no one knows about.

Coming home from a day of school (they both happen to be in the same 3rd grade class), they’re teacher Mr. Richmond had assigned them with the task of finding a presentable idea for a science project due in three weeks. Debating a few different things, they settled on making an ant farm.

As they were nearing Chris’ house, they came upon Chris’ brother, Bobby. Bobby was parting ways with a girl on his front porch. The girl seemed to be aggressively kissing Bobby before waving goodbye, walking past the boys with a sneer and driving away in her car. Chris’ monster friend, a fluffy dragon that shrinks and hides in his pocket, got the distinct feeling that something was bad about her.

On the porch, Bobby was in a daze and looked a bit pale, but oddly happy. The boys worried about coodies. Going past him and inside to find a jar to start their animal farm, they came to the living room to find Bobby passed out on the couch. Jeff wasted no time busting out some of his markers and adding a curly mustache to his friend’s older brother’s face, who on occasion had picked on them in the past. They thought about adding more drawings to his face when they began to realize that he wasn’t breathing very well and his skin was somewhat cold to the touch.

Getting a little fearful, Jeff called his mom and explained that his brother had fallen asleep on the couch and wouldn’t wake up. His mother left work early to come check on her older son, and found him passed out, but not really looking that bad, like maybe he’d been drinking or exhausted from too much of whatever 16-y/olds do. She told her youngest and his friend that he’d be all right and that he was just really tired. The younger boys noticed a slight mark on Bobby’s neck that looked like a really bad hickey, and knew for sure that cooties got him.

While Chris’ mom made dinner, the boys went out into the backyard to try and catch some ants, their monster’s happily assisting. Jeff’s monster, a collection of numerical oddities and colors, made itself into a ball and captured up 2 red ants for their project, which they added into a jar with some dirt, water, and bits of cookie.

Dinner time rolled around, the Jeff went home to his house and Chris ate with his family and his older brother bobby seemed all right, if a little slow and lethargic, but giddy and happier than usual.

The next day, both boys got up for school and class started without incident. Around 10am, their teacher had everyone show the class their project ideas. One of the girls in the class, Bethany, is the self-proclaimed smartest girl in the class, and the boys, both being very smart for their own age, were her main competition. She and her not as smart partner, had a project idea about electricity and telegraphs and tried to upstage Jeff and Chris… but the boys were able to sell the awesomeness of ants better then electricity and the teacher gave them the only A for the initial assignment.

Following the project concepts, the teacher started on some Math work on the chalkboard. Jeff’s mathematical monster got a bit antsy at the teacher’s less then interesting basic multiplication tables, and as soon as the teacher wasn’t looking, the chalk markings began to change and the problems on the board became something much more fun and complex… much to Jeff’s arguing that no one else would like it. No one in the class seemed to notice, until the teacher made a big deal about someone upstaging him (the teacher’s pet peeve is being shown up by 3rd graders). He looked around, and found Jeff looking horribly guilty in a class of people who didn’t know what was going on. He asked Jeff to wait behind as everyone went out for recess.

As the kids were heading out to recess, Chris’ fluffy dragon monster insisted that he’d been in his pocket all day and wanted a chance to run around. Unfortunately the playground is a bit too public of a place to allow a dragon to play, so Chris had to try and sneak off the playground and to the forest that backed up to the school.

Meanwhile, Jeff had to talk to Mr. Richmond, who suspected him of pulling some shenanigans on the chalkboard, but couldn’t prove anything so just sort of glared at him and said he’d be watching him. Jeff went outside to find Chris heading toward the forest, trying to be sneaky about it since they technically weren’t supposed to leave the playground, and one nosey kid started to call after Chris, wondering what he was up to. Using the help of his math monster, Jeff was able to dumbfound the kid with a sudden burst of bright colors and numbers, and he was left wondering what he’d been doing as the boys snuck off to the forest to play some games with their monsters.

Sneaking back to class after recess, the boys had a usual rest of the day with some light homework assigned. Heading home, they found once again that the car belonging to the girl they’d seen the day before was parked in front of Chris’ house. They went inside to find no one in the living room, but heard noise from upstairs. The crept up the steps to find the only door shut and locked on the hallway to be Chris’ older brothers. They listened, and heard a little movement, but couldn’t be sure what was going on. Chris’ dragon complained that he could sense something bad once again.

Knowing how to pick the lock on the door, Jeff suggested they get a hanger, and they attempted to pick the lock quietly, but failed, making a lot of noise and suddenly being surprised as the girl pulled the door open on them, glaring at the two boys. “What are you doing?!” to which they responded that they were making sure no cootie spreading was going on. Both Bobby and the girl were fully clothed, and Bobby was propped up on his bed, smiling dopily as the girl glared at them, blocking the doorway. Looking closely, they could see a slight trickle of blood on the corner of her mouth.

Doing their best to charm their way into the room, and perhaps get the girl out, they failed to have the door slammed in their face. Thinking on what to do, they were surprised as the girl opened the door a few moments later, taking her bag and grumbling as she stomped passed them, leaving the house. The boys checked on Chris’ brother, finding him awake, but only barely, looking very happy, but unresponsive.

The boys decided they’d draw a picture of the girl and see if they couldn’t show it around and find out more information about her. They attempted a few times… … coming up with a snake and hair for a while… but then thinking a little harder and tracing a magazine cover, and adding some dark shading for the girls’ gothy clothes, they had a reasonable drawing of her. About that time Chris’ mom came home and Jeff excused himself to go home and watch his shows and finish his homework.

At dinner, Chris’ mom noticed how pale his brother seemed again and remarked that he looked tired. Chris spoke up , asking if he was going to invite his ‘girlfriend’ to dinner some time, which got his mother’s attention, and who was happy to try and find out more about her… but only got responses like ‘she’s cool… and we have lots of fun’.

The next day at school, during a discussion on colors and possibility that they inspire emotions, Jeff’s math monster got upset and wanted to claim bullshit on the teacher. Fortunately Jeff was about to talk his monster down. A little later, as they were doing some simple quiz work, Bethany hadn’t forgotten about being upstaged the day before and suddenly raised her hand ‘teacher teacher, Chris is cheating off my paper,’ which he wasn’t, but the teacher believed Bethany over Chris, and Chris was sent to the corner, receiving no participation points for the quiz. Chris’ monster was sorely angry at the teacher and Bethany for this unfairness. Jeff was able to even things a bit, as he had his monster change her answers to make her look like an idiot. She was upset when she got her quiz back, but couldn’t prove anything or find a guilty party.

At recess, the boys sat plotting and trying to talk Chris’ monster down from directly doing something to Bethany for retribution. They managed to come up with the idea of letting the dragon sneak into the school at night and sabotage her desk and chair. The dragon was happy with this adventure idea.

After school, the boys took their drawing of the darkly dressed girl to the local high school and started to ask around if anyone knew her. Another girl dressed similar to her was able to talk about her, saying that she’s really into boys, and the other girl also seemed somewhat worried, and afraid of her. Heading home and fearing for his brother, the two boys found that once again the girl was over at the house. They came inside and purposefully slammed the door, to which they heard a slight laughter upstairs. Fearing the worst, they ran up the stairs, and Chris had his monster come out of his pocket and claw the door down.

Realizing that the little boys were more then they seemed, the girl hissed and revealed her fangs, flying off the poor happily dazed brother, and using a banshee wail at the dragon and glowing mathematical ball that were now after her.

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